Activities for Social Inclusion

  • In Access to Basic Human Rights/Civic Amenities
  • Clean Drinking water, Road, Sewage Disposal, Street Light, Bus Stops, Health and Education Facilities
  • Identity cards for accessing Social Security Schemes

–  Application to Relevant Social Security Schemes

–  Follow up of Applications

– Information sought under RTI Act 2005 where there is no response to applications and follow- up

  • Scholarship and Vocational Training support to youth to give them a leverage(an affirmative action to support Muslim students who could not get Scholarships because of the State. Govt)
  • Scholarship to Muslim and Hindu Dalit Youth for completing High School Education, College Education and Professional Courses
  • Tailoring Training imparted in Batches.
  • RTI On Wheel Campaign :
    • This extensive work was done with Right to Information (RTI) applications. In the month of August, 2012, a campaign called “RTI on Wheels” was held where SAHR WARU team members went to most of the areas (Ramol, Vatva, Bombay Hotel, Mehmedabad and surrounding villages) where they spread awareness on Right to Information. People from 26 subareas (1045 people) participated in this campaign. In earlier Project Phase in our areas SAHR WARU have conducted workshops and have given information on RTI. The result of which is in the areas where SAHR WARU works. A signature campaign was also done to show evidence of participation.

    • Applications were filed from various sub areas and on issues such as old age pension, ration card not being provided according to the rules, conversion of Antyodaya to APL card etc. From the month of August till September, there were 29 (21 individual and 8 group) RTI applications filed. Out of which mostly (50%) problems have been solved in the areas during that project period itself and others were solved during the next project period.

    • Ours “RTI on Wheels” Campaign received lot participation, enthusiasm even from men and young children in schools. They were happy with the response from different authorities.
  • Stakeholder Linkages :
    • A new strategy was adopted by SAHR WARU during the project phase of April 2012 to September 2012, wherein government functionaries such as Anganwadi workers and ASHA workers were approached to act as a linking force for SAHR WARU and the women members from different areas. These government functionaries will help SAHR WARU’s women members understand their (Anganwadi and ASHA workers) roles and aid SAHR WARU since they are a direct link to the government officers and departments.

    • As a basis to implement this new strategy, the SAHR WARU team members went to various different areas and obtained lists of ASHA workers and Anganwadi workers. Through these lists, the team members could build the ground relationship with these functionaries.

    • SAHR WARU got the information about Education with the visits of Aanganwadis and primary and Secondary schools. With this Visit our main purpose is that SAHR WARU’s identity arises in whole village and with the help of this matter we gave the information about our performance and how SAHR WARU works in all areas and sub areas.

    • Rapport building with the stake holders in the selected constituencies has been a crucial and very important step to enhance access of basic rights of communities, due to this strategic linkage developed we enlisted community support in conducting peace related programs, meetings and trainings and also getting help of Government functionaries to get the filed applications processed so that community can avail of their basic human rights and have benefits of social security schemes where without SAHR WARU’s intervention and support they were facing severe exclusion and discrimination. This strategy has a strong positive impact on SAHR WARU’s work. Many of the SAHR WARU’s Peace & Justice committee members got confidence and have started to visit the various government departments to access their basic human rights and social security schemes by themselves.

Work on Basic Rights

  • To improve standard of living of the communities by supporting them in procuring Basic Rights of safe Drinking water and Sanitation and Health and Education Facilities
  • Group Applications for Basic Amenities are submitted to respective Government Departments by the community members in consultation with the Peace and Justice Committee members and SAHR WARU team.
  • If numerous attempts have been made at following up applications without any results, an application is filed under the Right To Information Act, 2005.

During last three year of project period, SAHR WARU has filed total 385 applications to various government departments for accessing different government schemes for the committee members in the working areas of SAHR WARU, among them 80% applications has been processed.

SAHR WARU has also formed Self Help Group in Vatva area of 10 committee members by the joint efforts with Urban Community Development office of Ahmedabad, right now we are proceeding to form many Self Help Groups in all the working areas both Urban – Rural.

Comparison of Schemes Applied for and Processed.