Work on Basic Rights

Instating Rights of Poor Communities in terms of basic necessities has been the premises on which SAHR WARU has been conducting a double edged work since the last 28 years. SAHR WARU through its work on basic rights have sought to achieve the following:

  • To improve standard of living of the communities by supporting them in procuring basic rights of safe drinking water and sanitation and promoting right for Education.
  • The work and process on lobbying for basic rights is also used as a space and tool to conscentize and transform women and youth in terms of their perspectives on Gender, Religion and Caste.
  • To form a strong Women & Youth committees in local areas who are well trained and knowledgeable to work on Basic Human Rights, Women’s Rights, and Social Security schemes in their own localities so that they can work independently for their own local community people.
  • Many Individuals and Group Applications for Basic Amenities are submitted to respective Government Departments by the community members in consultation with the Peace and Justice Committee members and SAHR WARU team.
  • If numerous attempts have been made at following up applications without any results, an application is filed under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

Increased work on District Level

SAHR WARU expanded their horizon by covering areas at the district levels. These areas included Gandhinagar and Kheda. Under the Gandhinagar district, SAHR WARU works heavily in the areas of Dehgam, Bahiyal, Dharisana, and Bilamana. Under the Kheda district, areas of Mehmedabad Town, Rehmatnagar, Ghodasar, Jinger, Haldarwaz, Neinpur, Pahad, Amsaran, Rudan, and Kanij.

Indiranagar- Bahiyal, Gutter line work in progress after application