SAHR WARU, the harbinger of a New Dawn for Women has been coined, joined the words, “SAHR” meaning ‘Morning’ in Urdu and “WARU” meaning ‘Come’ in Malayalam which is an Awakening for Equality, Justice and the Inclusion of Women, with their diverse needs & multiple identities for a just social order.

We work through community based programs to enhance equal opportunities & decision making for women in family, society & political spheres. The spectrum of our work involves information dissemination for advancing women’s Human Rights as well as Documentation, Advocacy & Networking for Gender justice & Human Rights For the marginalized & discriminated sections of society.

Our Genesis

SAHR WARU: Women’s Action and Resource Unit, was conceived in 1999 and registered in May 2002. Our repository of enriching insights through a plethora of work with women from socially excluded communities reaffirmed our resolve to create spaces, strengthen and advocate the diverse voices and perspectives of discriminated sections of women in society, and work towards minimizing caste based discrimination and Religious Intolerance.

Our Mission


Our Philosophy

  • Women’s Equality and Social Justice to overcome Violence and Discrimination.
  • Peaceful co-existence in Diversity and Pluralism.
  • Human Rights to All.
  • Equal opportunities for Women and Men.

Pathways to reach our Goals

  • Evolving Feminist Perspective through Gender Training in Women’s groups.
  • Panchayat to End Violence against Women and render Gender Justice. Forming Women’s Legal Aid Committee (Mahila Nyay Panchayat)
  • Building Bridges between young girls of different Religions & Castes, Vocational Training, Outdoor Camps & Capacity Building Workshops, forming SHGs (Self Help Groups).
  • Action Research and Documentation on Protection of Human Rights.
  • Advocacy & Networking to empower Women & Communities through enabling laws & Mechanism & to minimize conflicts.


  • Enhancing the self-esteem & self confidence of women in communities as a necessary premise to attain Gender Equality and Equity.
  • Developing Knowledge, skills and material base for the disempowered sections of the rural & urban poor Women in society.
  • Challenging Societal exploitation from the framework of women’s Equality .
  • Ensure that Culturo-religious diversity and dignity of Human Life are not impinged and to strive for peace between Communities.
  • Empowering the Socio-political dimensions of Women’s lives.