The Formation of Mahila Sanghatans

SAHR WARU began to empower the women victim survivors of the 2002 Gujarat Riots. This was done through various forms of Trauma Counseling, Relief, Legal aid and Income Generation Activities. In order to build a trustworthy relationship with the victim survivors of the 2002 Riots, SAHR WARU also engaged the women in exposure visits, such as Mount Abu in 2005, Sarkhej Roza and Science city visit under the Youth for Peace Program, Tirupati Garden visit in 2014. The main purpose of the formation of Mahila and Youth Sanghatans was to create a platform where women from the areas from the different socio- religious groups can seat together and can be made aware and be trained in the field of Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Minority Rights, Civil Rights, Domestic Violence Act -2005, Right to Information Act, Right to Education Act and civil rights so ultimately can strive to achieve Justice & Equality in their Operating areas. In SAHR WARU’s areas (Bombay Hotel, Vatva, Ramol and Gomtipur), women sanghatans and SAHR WARU’s membership grew. Along with this, SAHR WARU also decided to work with the youth members of these communities and set up Youth Sanghatans as well. SAHR WARU now operates through these Mahila and Youth Sanghatans in all the areas where we work.

Gomtipur Mahila Sanghatan

Bhaiyal Mahila Sanghatan

Dehgam – Jorawar Nagar Mahila Sanghatan

Rehmatnagar Mahila Sanghatan

Pahadgam Mahila Sanghatan

Ramol Mahila Sanghatan

Bhaiyal – Indiranagar Mahila Sanghatan

Dehgam – Vankerwas Mahila Sanghatan

Jinjer Mahila Sanghatan

Bombay Hotel Mahila Sanghatan

Vatva Mahila Sanghatan

Aamsharan Mahila Sanghatan

The Formation of Youth Sanghatans

SAHR WARU has developed youth groups in all our areas, where we conduct different activities with them at the local group as well as workshops and outdoor activities.

The group activities involve – discussions on gender, sexual harassment, education, through games, exercises, songs, and competitions on writing, cultural festivals like Garba program, outdoor exposure visits to Sabarmati Ashram, Indroda Nature Park, Vasad, and to Courts and Collector office. The group activities also involve stitching and embroidery work.

Major Involvements with the Youth:

Educational Exposure Visits to Vocational Training Centers

We have held educational exposure visits to Sabarmati Ashram, Science City, ITI, Dalit Shakti Kendra, Commissioner Office, City Civil Court and Metropolitan Court.

Career Counseling by Professional Counselors

Through the 4 years period we have held several Youth Sammelan during which we have held Career Counseling sessions with the youth as well as Health Awareness Campaigns.

Educational Scholarships to Students from the Minority and the Marginalized Communities:

SAHR WARU has awarded scholarships to 143 students to an amount of Rs. 1,72,425  from 2007-08 to 2009-2010 and to 313 students amounting to Rs. 4,08,500 from 2011-12 to 2013-14. Totaling up to 456 Muslim Girls given a Support Sum of Rs.  500 to 5000.

As a result of this scholarship program, young girls of the different working areas of SAHR WARU has continued their study, majority of them have started going to college also, which was a dream for them; due to this program and motivation is given to them continuously by SAHR WARU, they have adopted a new vision to live life with education.

Another significant impact of this program is that number of youth participants has joined to the youth committees of SAHR WARU in all the working area and also they are motivating to other young girls for not leaving study and be educated in future.

SAHR WARU has provided scholarships to bright young girls from Minority and backward communities to pursue higher education, if it was beyond the capacity of their parents to afford higher education. Because of this many girls have benefited. They were able to opt for higher education, which strengthens the scope for access to equal opportunities. Such excursions/ outdoor visits enhances thier confidence in themselves and gives the much required exposure which only bookish education does not.The families of these girls, their neighbours are aware of SAHR WARU’s work and hence they came forth to join the excursion cum Peace for Youth Program.

Gomtipur Youth Group

Vatva Youth Group

Bombay Hotel Youth Group

Nainpur Youth Group

Jinjer Youth Group

Staff Development Workshops

Workshops held with the team members for review and planning for the year also involve women leaders and youth for their support in the field programs. While mid-term reviews are held in the main office on a monthly basis, we had held one workshop in Udaipur in 2008, this resulted in women leaders and youth leaders taking more stakes in the work of the Organization and making the organizational members more responsible, another strategic Planning and staff Development workshop was held at Udaipur in June 2014, where only staff members presented and enhanced their knowledge for working in group, strategic planning, priority of the work and so that they can implement their updated knowledge in their work.

The Formation of Peace and Justice Committees (Mahila Nyay Panchayat)

SAHR WARU’s ultimate vision is to convert the victim survivors of the 2002 Riots into agencies of change, which are women who have been trained in women’s rights, human rights, minority rights and civil rights issues. The Committee meetings involve discussions on cases and case hearings, Information is shared about Legal Laws and sections under IPC, Cr. P.C., discussions on issues related to Crimes against women reported in newspapers, discussions on currents issues affecting lives of the poor communities.

The Women leaders are involved in action based work related to civic rights – like applications are made to the government agencies for health issues and facilities like – Sanitation, Gutter, roads, and for obtaining ration cards.

The women leaders are regularly involved in various planning and monitoring of our work with the communities, they have equal participation and stakes in work that we do.